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Fostering of the Remanufacturing Industry

The KNCPC fosters the remanufacturing industry, thus enabling the industry to reduce energy consumption, improve resource productivity and create high added
value by supporting remanufacturing technology development by establishing the quality certification system and after-service network between remanufacturing
companies; and by performing activities to improve customers’ understanding of the industry.
  • Remanufacturing : The re-commercialization of used products or parts which have been discarded by restoring their functions and capacities through the
    process of collecting, dismantling, cleaning, inspecting, and repairing/ reconditioning, and re-assembling and final testing them.
  • Material Recycling: The return of used products or parts to the production process as raw materials via physical and chemical processes such as collecting,
    dismantling, classifying, crushing, smelting, etc.
  • Reuse : Reuse of used products or parts as used products via minimal work procedures (simple cleaning and repair).
  • Remanufacturing process
    • 1st step: Collection of used products.
    • 2nd step: Complete dismantling of products.
    • 3rd step: Thorough cleaning of dismantled parts.
    • 4th step: Classification based on performance (reusability)
       testing of each part.
    • 5th step: Repairing /or reconditioning to give them a new
       product level of functionality.
    • 6th step: Re-assembly of the product and its final
       performance testing.