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Innovation of Resource Productivity

Resource productivity is an index that shows how efficient the use of resources is in a country or in an industry, and is an added-value (if it is a unit for country, it
is GDP) that has been created by using the resource input. The KNCPC innovates in resource productivity to create greater added value using fewer resources.
  • Establishment of integrated national resource management system
    The CRIM provides comprehensive statistical information on each metal material in the entire process flow quantity(material processing, product manufacturing,
    resource recycling, disposal, etc), usage and features, price fluctuations, etc. In particular, the CRIM supports flow analysis, which is difficult to derive from the
    current statistics in Korea, such as national deposit in an urban mining form (used products, scrap, etc.), volume of disposal, resource recycling rate and so on.
  • Fostering enterprises specializing in resource management
    The CRIM fosters companies which specialize in resource management services to improve the resource productivity of a company (demand company), including the reduction of resource usage and waste.
  • Resource productivity target control system
    This system encourages a company to set up and achieve an efficient target and the quantity of resources it should use, so as to improve the company’s
    resource productivity.
  • Resource productivity innovation in the supply network
    The CRIM promotes improvements such as the optimization of resource management, improvement of resource productivity, reduction of resource usage and
    costs, reduction of environmental load, etc. through the connection of inter-company; and develops and distributes an inter-company supply network resource
    management system to encourage all industries beyond the viewpoint of improving the unit supply network’s resource efficiency.