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National Green Management Award

These prizes are awarded to promote environmentally-friendly industry and to expand green management through creating value in green markets for cleaner
production and green management.
  • Award area, Class of merits scale
    • Award Sector (award field): Enterprise field (Grand Prize, Specialty Grand prize, Specialty prize), Group field (Sustainable development prize), Product field
      (Best Product prize), Men of Merit field (citation of merits, presidential citation, prime minister citation, minister citation), and Special Prize (Earth environmental
      preservation prize).
  • Award Targets
    • For Enterprise: Grand Prize, Specialty Grand Prize, Specialty Prize
      - Sector: Green Management, Climate Change Compliance, Small/Medium/Large Green Partnerships, Green Technology, Environmentally-friendly Construction)
    • For Group: Sustainable Development Prize
    • For Product:: Best Product Prize
    • For Men of Merit: Citation of Merits, Presidential Citation, Prime Minister Citation, Minister Citation
    • Special Prize: Global Environmental Preservation Prize