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Green Partnerships

Green Partnership is a business cooperation strategy that transfers know-how,
management systems, and technology related to the environment and resources
from the parent company to cooperate companies in order to accelerate the
Green industry.
  • Green Partnership Project
    In Green Partnership, the small and medium enterprises (SMEs) establish green
    management systems through the supply chain network with hazardous
    substance management, Life cycle assessment & management of a product,
    process diagnosis and improvements, etc. Through the green management
    system, enterprises comply with the environmental regulations (REACH, RoHS,
    ELV, etc.) and strengthen product competitiveness in the global market.
  • Carbon Partnership Project
    The carbon partnership project contributes to reducing greenhouse gas (GHG)
    emissions by establishing carbon management systems in small and medium
    enterprises (SMEs) using the parent company’s know-how.

  • Green Product Partnership Project
    A Green Product Partnership establishes a partnership between a parent
    company and cooperative companies to develop environmentally friendly
  • Global Green Partnership
    A Global Green Partnership is the collaborative business strategy to establish
    green management systems between a global parent company and cooperative
    companies abroad towards reinforcing global companies’ competitiveness.