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  • Major Affairs(Businesses)
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Major Affairs(Businesses)

  • Develop and assist the implementation of industrial environmental policies
    - ‘Green growth engine industrial development strategies’, ‘Promotional strategies for national resource recycling’, etc.
  • Establishment of infrastructure to vitalize Green Management
    - Green partnerships, local eco innovation projects, chemical management service, compilation of industrial environment statistics.
  • Establishment of infrastructure to vitalize the resource recycling industry
    - Urban mining, remanufacturing, establishment and transfer of the platform for resource recycling technology, operation of a national resource management system.
    - System operation, Resource productivity renovation, eco-industrial park, etc.
  • Support companies to comply with the international environmental regulations
    - Collection, analysis, and supply of information, consulting service, identification of leading areas in compliance with the regulations.
  • International cooperation
    - The representative Korean organization for the UNIDO/UNEP NCPC network
    - Urban mining, remanufacturing, development of resource recycling technology, resource recycling statistics, eco-industrial park, etc.
  • Training and Public relations
    - Operation of the cleaner production academy and the information network for cleaner production, Publication of the Sustainable Industrial Development
    (quarterly magazine), etc.
  • Evaluation management of infrastructure construction projects
    - Informatization and policy supporting projects (on cleaner production infrastructure and resource recycling)