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The KNCPC implements diverse projects aimed at establishing cleaner production systems and sustainable
industrial development, such as establishing the technical foundation for cleaner production; developing
industrial environmental policies; disseminating a green management system and an industrial infrastructure
for resource recycling, and providing comprehensive support for international environmental regulations for
companies, and so on.


  • KNCPC was reorganized into the Industrial Environment Division and was appointed as the resource recycling industrial information center.
  • KNCPC was appointed as the resource recycling technology support center.
  • KNCPC transferred its evaluation function for cleaner infrastructure R&D projects to KEIT (Korea Evaluation Institute of Industrial Technology), and was appointed as the business support center for international environmental regulations. KNCPC transferred its evaluation function for resource recycling R&D projects to KETEP (Korea Institute of Energy Technology Evaluation and Planning).
  • KNCPC operated the Chemical Management Service (CMS) project of the Environment &
    Energy Division for National New Growth Engines.
  • KNCPC moved to the current office (Hanshin Intervalley24 East B/D, Yeoksam-dong, Seoul).
  • KNCPC appointed as the REACH Business Support Center
  • KNCPC carried out a project to build the infrastructure of the remanufacturing industry.
  • KNCPC established the Eco-industrial Park.
  • KNCPC implemented a project to establish small/medium/large green partnerships.
  • KNCPC office moved to Seoul (Korea Industrial Technology Foundation (KOTEF)).
  • KNCPC joined the UNIDO/UNEP NCPCs Network.
  • Korea National Cleaner Production Center (KNCPC) was established (in Cheonan City).